Born to Run

Born to Run

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Q: What is Millburn’s Big Read?
A:  Reading is most powerful when shared by different members of a community - people with varied opinions, interests, and tastes. That’s why we created Millburn’s Big Read- the high school’s community read initiative. We encourage everyone to read the same text with us, and then provide opportunities to discuss it, to share your thoughts, to voice your opinions, to ask your questions.

Q: Why this book?
A: Ever wonder: Why do humans run? How do hidden tribes live?  What should I eat to be cancer free?  What running shoe should I buy?  Even, what can I do with my chia pet? The answers are all contained in this engaging narrative.  Christopher McDougall's experiences are eye-opening and enlivening.  Born to Run will appeal to everyone.

Q: Who should read this book?
A: Everybody! Parents, Students, Teachers, Grandparents, Siblings, Neighbors! The inveterate jogger on your block or the couch potato in your family room!  This book will educate, entertain, and energize all who read it. 

Q: What’s it about?
A: "It all began with a simple question that no one could answer," says often-injured runner, Christopher McDougall.  The question: "How come my foot hurts?"  Finding the answer to that question takes McDougall, an award-winning journalist, from doctor's offices to science labs, from corporate America to the hidden isolated canyons of Mexico.  Travelling with him, the reader meets the Tarahumara Indians, the founder of Nike, a quirky band of ultra-runners, and Caballo Blanco, the man and the legend. And with that list to entice you, we leave you to read and enjoy.

Q: What’s the assignment? 
A:  To read and wonder, to enjoy and be inspired.  As you read, you may have questions and thoughts to express.  If you want to contact us, you may email us at In the fall, there will be multiple opportunities to explore the book with our community. In fact, mark your calendars now and get ready to run! Mr. McDougall will be visiting us on October 24th and we will have a charity 5K that evening. We believe in exercising the mind and the body! 

The MHS English Department wishes you an amazing summer and happy reading!

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